Love Redeemed – Saying Goodbye

Love Redeemed

So, now that I’m done with Love Redeemed. Now that The End has been written, I’m in a space that I’ve never been in. I thought I could reward myself by reading other books waiting on my iPad, but my mind isn’t ready for a new story. I thought I could continue with the next project, L.I.T., but no. My mind isn’t ready for Jackson and Elle quite yet. They’ll have to continue to wait on the therapy couch for me.

Ughhhhhhh!! I feel like such a drama queen with these mixed emotions. I have to be honest; I won’t miss Rayna and A.D. Nope! I’ve stayed true to their story even in between books, when bloggers and my fellow authors turned up their noses to them (still do). I’ve stayed the course, even when folks who were reading got fed up with Rayna and her emotional responses to this man who was giving her something she didn’t know how to accept. I believed in them when many said they were too complicated and unbelievable. I remained true to Rayna although folks said it’s not realistic for a girl from the projects to be bright enough to get into Duke because I didn’t mention anyone in her life mentoring her to get there. Yup! I got it all and continue to do so. However, I’ve done my job and now I must move on to the next set of folks in the waiting room of my “therapy practice”.

The problem is, as I’m reading the great feedback, I’m finding it hard to come down from Rayna and Azmir. I’m hoping to be okay in a day or two, because I can’t stay in limbo. Here’s where I wish I had author friends who could appreciate this space and possibly advise what I can do to land. Don’t cry for me; I’ll figure it out for myself. I always do.

In the meantime, I’m at the door of my therapy practice, waving as I watch Rayna and Azmir leave together, holding hands, walking into their happily ever after (whatever that means).



32 thoughts on “Love Redeemed – Saying Goodbye

  1. We understand those of us that have been down with Azmir and Rayna’s series from the beginning. I am now reading Love Redeemed for the second time and enjoying it. I am excited to have these books so that I can reread them whenever I want to. I know I wish I could see the rest of their story and I will come up with it on my own. But this was an awesome series and you did great. Now we will see about Mr. Jackson cause he sure sounds handsome. Don’t know if he will be Azmir and honestly no one can be Azmir but we will love the next characters just the same because you are an awesome writer.

    • No, Crystal, Jax is no A.D. I have no desires to top him. I do hope to create a lane for Jackson…and for Elle. They have different crosses to bear.

      Thanks for being an O-L.I.P.’er (original L.I.P.’er)! Teehee!

  2. I’m just all of the satisfied reader, and truthfully I don’t have the erg to pick up a new book, how can you after something so great. I love a happy ending, especially one well deserved, I can’t believe how emotionally attached I feel to these characters…..exhale…Jackson & Elle…. I can only imagine that story line I must say I’m intrigued…..I will most likely be rereading Love Redeemed on my plane ride attempting to let it go and move forward lol (I have to reassure myself that Azmir and Rayna are okay, make sure she didn’t run)

    • LOL!! No, Le, she didn’t run. Perhaps we’ll get an idea of what they were up to within that 5-year gap we missed in #LR.

      Nonetheless, I’m excited about Elle & Jax. Their story is unique to RayMir’s (as a L.I.P.’er has eloquently named them.) LOL!!

  3. Love what was Azmir reaction when he saw his kids for the first time.. What was there family life when he is home with his wife and kids? Wondering minds want to know..

    • Those are good questions, Nells. I’ve been toying with the idea of having you guys interview both Azmir & Rayna. It’s just, the last time I tried, no one stepped up. We’ll see now…

  4. Hi my beloved Love. Azmir Divine Jacobs and Rayna Brimm have a standing invitation to forever dance upon the stage of my heart. I am so very thankful to my friend Nelly for answering my FB post on a book club site when I asked for a good book to read. The joy I have derived from the great journey your superior writing has led us on can never be emulated. The template from which the essence of your literary genius has derived cannot be duplicated by any other. Love Belvin you are one in a million. I am truly blessed to be a part of your amazing fan base. Remember always that quantity will never surpass quality, the latter of which you have in abundance. I appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my erotic beating heart for being the captain of the ship that has lead to my evolvement from reading urban substandard fare to the superior feast you prepared for me and many others via the introduction of Azmir and Rayna into our lives. I am counting on future sightings. I just have to see what sex baby number 3 is.

  5. Also who do they kids favor more lol I am sorry the book is still etch in my mine … Maybe a novella of the kids first Five years lol …

  6. Yes, Nelly, I love your idea – a novella – something sling the lines of the road Azmir took to reach RzynaBrimm, the love of his life. I am not ready to release Azmir Divine Jacobs just yet. Please please Love consider Nelly’s suggestion. Good literary fare is sadly lacking!

  7. LOL!! All are good questions, and perhaps an idea that would be good to pursue. However, for right now, I need to walk away from RayMir and move on to the other folks in my waiting room for my own sanity. 😏

  8. Glad to be on board with the rest of you Rayna & Azmir team members!!! I loved this series like none other. Thank you Love for this journey .The ups and down of these two people was quite a ride. Ms. Brimm and her running shelf had my patience on edge but I’m so glad in the end a amazing and Hot…. Love grew between these two. I cheered for Azmir from day one and he hung in there. And hey, who besides me was glad when Dawn finally got what she deserved!!! 🙂
    Thanks so much for bringing these two to us. Much Love

    • It was quite a journey and I’m reminded of that each time I read one of you (especially original) L.I.P.’ers’ recount of it. I hope you approve of their send off.

      Thank you, Deborah, for all your support! I hope to keep it with future projects!

  9. I have to say it’s rare (for me) to be content when a good series closes! I enjoyed Azmir chasing Rayna and I’m at peace with the closure. In my mind nothing is left dangling causing me to question anything! Not very often I can release characters but they can sail on into the sunset!

    • Thank you sooooo much, Deidre! I’m so glad to hear approvals from L.I.P.’ers!

      My best friend texted me this morning, saying she’s almost done with “her book” (referring to “Love Redeemed”). Then she quickly corrected, “my book.” I told her that when a reader connects to a story, it’s no longer the author’s and especially since L.I.P. has concluded. Thanks for all of your support! Hope to keep your interest.

  10. I am not even a writer (just LOVE to read a good story) and Azmir & Rayna took it out of me. I too took a few days off after reading the conclusion of their story. I rooted for them just that much. Not sure who thought they were unbelievable (people from poor neighborhoods pick themselves up EVERYDAY and get into universities…if only to prove something to themselves), but I felt all of her pain/confusion/apprehension. Totally loved the Jacobs! I look forward to your next characters.

    • Thanks, Nakia!

      I have to agree, Azmir and Rayna will take you through a myriad of emotions. I can’t describe how I felt when in that space with them. There were so many times I had to walk away from the document and take some time to get with myself.

      It’s unfortunate that people believe that those from urban environments are faced with impossible escapes. ***shrugs***

      Thanks for taking a chance on me. I truly appreciate you!

  11. **Falls out** Love Redeemed was by far the best of the series, I love happy endings and this ending was perfect! Love you have out done yourself amazing. I read this blog before I completed the book and at the end all I could think about was you, LB waving good bye to them at their last therapy session. I LOVED IT!

  12. Ok I have read love delayed and I loved them. I am anticipating love delivered. I have over 300 books on my kindle and have read them all. But Tanya and Izmir are my comfort couple. This book reflects so many areas of my life. I have to admit Ryan’s session inspired me to seek v counsel regarding areas in my life that created vulnerable wounds. Love I want the missing 5 years please.

  13. Hands down best romantic fiction ever read. I’m miss them so much I going to reread. I already started actually. Please bring them back. I’m in love.

      • Hey Love, My BFF and I need to know when the next book is coming out. I need to make sure my house is clean and I have groceries before I start reading. I may also need you to write a letter to my boss explaining why I am so sleepy at work after staying up all night absorbed in your tales. 🙂 Keep the excellent work coming. xoxoxoxo

  14. Hey, Tanya!

    LOL!! I’m working on L.I.T. now. It’s actually from his love interest’s POV. I’m hoping to have it available in March. Wish me luck. And try to keep up with those house chores and at work. LOL!!!

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