Thoughts on “Love Delayed”…

Okay, so the word excitement has been used in redundancy since May 31st when I was initially visited by Zoey and Stenton. These two characters are so rich…well, I guess I’m attracted to characters who are robust in emotion. I can’t wait for L.I.P.’ers’ response to them.

I’m currently in disagreement with my buddy, Christina Jones, in that I don’t have followers. My argument is there are L.I.P.ers, who are fans of the Love’s Improbable Possibility series like me, but Love doesn’t have anybody. With Love Delayed, I’m trying to accumulate followers (or lovers) of Love Belvin. I have so much to prove! So much to share in terms of my gift! Christina reminded me that I’m (Love Belvin) the author of Love’s Improbable Possibility and that those who have taken to the L.I.P. project will take to the next. Thank God for supportive colleagues, right? Well, I still feel inspired to work hard to #MakeYouLoveME and not just L.I.P.

When will Love Delayed be released? That’s been the million dollar question. It’s not that my team hasn’t had an answer. It’s just this will be the first project with no wait time in between creation and publishing. With Love Redeemed, about 75% of the material was new, however, Azmir and Rayna were established characters and their ending was written in my head years before April of 2014. That wasn’t as big of a leap as Love Delayed. So, with that being said, the PROJECTED release date is September 2014. This date is tentative and dependent on several factors. If something changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, send your best energies my way. ***sigh*** I’m going to need it. #ImGoingToMakeYouLoveMe!

~ LB


19 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Love Delayed”…

  1. I’m am super excited about YOUR work, regardless of the characters! Christina Jones is absolutely right…followers will read other books by you because the first 4 were amazing and the expectation is that all other works will follow suite! Speaking of C. Jones…I read 1 book by her and loved it and ended up reading ALL of them b/c she (just like you) has a creative, yet real-life ‘flow’ in her work. Let the record show that I, KAB “love me some LOVE BELVIN!” *wink*

  2. You can call me a follower of Love or LIP. I just know that after experiencing your series, a bar has been set that many authors have not reached. I’m anxiously awaiting Love Delayed!

    • You’re the best Krystal!

      You’re going to get me in trouble. You had my boss reciting your demand of releasing #LD by the time you go back to work. He said, “Help the kids.” or something of the sort. I busted out laughing! Then I rolled my eyes at him and whispered underneath my breath, “Increase my budget.” LOL!!!

  3. I absolutely loved the LIP series (read the entire series 3 times) so I know I will enjoy Love Delayed. I’m not sure I can wait until September:(

  4. Send positive energy your way…zoommmm —->.
    God if this date change ppl gone have a mental break down..not ME..but ppl ya know lol..

  5. P.S…you have of books…. w.e you want to call it..I’m not just a fan of the L.I.P series..your writing was very the midst of a heap of ish that had me in a bind with other books. I have never seen a character talk from their head as much as Rayna and Azmir the point it was not articulated in words..I found the unique… it wasn’t just their was actually your writing that brought them to I sure you have done in Love Delayed. Authors can write a single storyline a mil time..but it is a raw talent..a gift that makes one of em just use words in a way that reaches the reader…I am a fan of Love.

  6. Well Love when Betty recommended that I read Love Lost(1st book). I was skeptical at first. Then as I read the first few pages, I thought it was the typical urban fiction novel. However, I was sadly mistaken, because what the next few pages held was beyond my imagination. I was taken on journey filled with love, betrayal, passion, hurt, pain, and love again. You brought life to those characters. You made them appear as if they were right in front us acting every word you pen out. After I finished reading the series, I felt that I finally read a good, thought, remarkable series. I guess all the pervious books I had read were just mediocre!!! I am an LIP fan for sure, but I most defiantly and always be a fan and follower of Love Belvin. Oh BTW I Love Love Belvin she is dangerous with a pen!!! Love you have made it extremely hard for the other authors (oldies and newbies) you have set an unreachable bar!!!!!

  7. I like your spirit, it’s attractive…. I love your writing it’s amazing….you get the complexity in the simplicity of peoples thoughts, emotions & reactions…..your work is relatable…. I’m definitely a Love Belvin Follower. I enjoyed the LIP series, however I’m even more excited to tap into your capabilities & future work….your consistency is freaking awesome!!

  8. Sending you and your team lots of positive energy. I loved LIP but I know I’m definitely a fan of Love the author. To able to put those characters on paper and bring them to life (Azmir is forever a part of my world now) the way you did is truly a gift. It was you who made us love those characters so I know Love Delayed will be another banger. #YouAlreadyMadeUsLoveYou

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