First Excerpt of “Love Delayed”

Half Face Shirtless excerpt:

~When we reached the back of the restaurant, I took lead to my car. My mind churned with what this farewell experience would be like. I mean, what would I say to him? I thought this would go down a different way, like a quick “nice meeting you” in the early afternoon hours at the country club. I spent most of my summer with this guy: the guy everyone knew as Stenton Rogers. And now we were preparing to say goodbye. As much as I resented having to spend time with the insufferable man, my heart had evolved in terms of him. It had softened to him. At this point, I really liked him as a friend, but I didn’t think I’d ever see him again outside of a television screen or print ad. So, how would I express “it was nice meeting you?” My mind wouldn’t slow.

I was so flustered that when we arrived at my car, I turned to him and buried my face in my palms. “I know…I know…I know I’m supposed to be polite and come up with parting words…use proper etiquette.” My voice turned apologetic, pleading even. “But I really can’t think of anything, except it’s been really cool getting to know you without the assistance of Google. It’s sped my summer up, and made what Angela did that much more bearable because at least I had someone to suffer with me. Uhhh…”

My eyes swept the ground below as I tried to think of something more.


“It was cool meeting a fellow-rocker. Now, I’m really going to look for that KISS t-shirt signed by Gene Simmons. Uhhh… It’s great to share that genre of music with someone who shares the same skin tone…or ethnicity…well, not so much of the latter because you’re mixed. And…uhhh…don’t worry about me stalking you. Here…” I pulled out my cell phone.


“I’ll delete your number. I swear I don’t have it memorized or written anywhere. You can go on ahead and delete me from Facebook and other sites now that we won’t be seeing each other. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to get to know—”

“Zoey,” he called out again, pointedly. “Shut up.”

I didn’t see a smile or hear humor in his tenor.

“W-why are you telling me to shut up?”

“Because I didn’t ask you out here tonight to say goodbye, per se—or at least I hope we’re not saying goodbye.” He changed stance, lowering himself to align his gaze with mine. “I wanted to see you tonight because you challenged me with proving that my teeth are real.”

I stood there with my mouth to the ground, trying to process what he’d said. For a moment, I was lost, unable to comprehend his intent. Just then, Stenton took me at the back of my head, aggressively pulling me into his hot hard frame, positioned his lips to parallel with mine, and kissed me. Immediately, my body melted into him.

His long fingers raked through my hair at the roots, gripping my scalp as he held me. On my tippy toes, and with an elongated neck, I stood enraptured as his lengthy and wide tongue swirled in my mouth, tasting every inch of my cavity, even the front of my teeth, between my gums. My belly stirred with carnal desire and my entire frame vibrated with sensual energy. I didn’t know how long he explored my mouth, neither could I think straight to measure, but I knew I didn’t want him to stop. I’d never been so thoroughly kissed. Never knew so much could be expressed and experienced through a kiss.

Stenton retracted his tongue then full lips, suddenly leaving me bereft. My eyes flickered open and caught his darkened orbs.

“That’s how you can assess my teeth,” he informed hoarsely.

Though he attempted humor, his eyes were slanted, heavy with need and his proximity dizzied me. I don’t think I’d ever smelled anything so virile in my life.

When he moved in again, I threw my hands up to the back of his head, feeling the soft natural curls of his mane, meeting him half way, and my tongue was in his mouth before he could think about changing his mind. I didn’t go straight for his teeth, I went for his tongue. It was sweet like nectar and agile like the neck of a heron. I wanted more of it. And I took it, liberally.

A strong spurring sound hurled from the back of his throat, and even that tossed into my mouth deliciously.

“Yo, Rogers!” I heard in the distance, but didn’t allow it to interrupt my sensual and explorative adventure. “We gotta roll!”

Hearing that, however, reminded me of his impending departure. It was then that I used my tongue to inspect his teeth, but no longer questioning the realness of them, just not wanting to leave an inch of his mouth undiscovered.

I don’t know who pulled away first. I only understood neither one of us wanted to. My breathing was disjointed and Stenton’s composure was mangled. He thumbed his bottom lip as he looked out into the distance. When his eyes returned to me, they were sharp, piercing with preoccupancy. He didn’t say anything when he walked off.

I stood there dazed a few moments longer, not understanding what had just taken place.

I just kissed Stenton. Holy mother of Joseph!

It wasn’t until I realized the headlights from his truck were still illuminating the dark corner of the parking lot where I stood that I grasped they were waiting on me to safely get into my car before pulling off. So, I did. I managed to move my aching body into my Kia Rio and pulled off.~

“Love Delayed” coming soon…



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