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1) Who is Love Belvin the person and the writer?

Love Belvin the person is a lover of people. She enjoys engaging and observing them. Weird, but true. She enjoys reading and wine sipping.

Love Belvin the writer is a bit of a recluse. She prefers alone time to unleash her mind…process energies and hear from characters. She, too, enjoys wine sipping!

2) Who is Love Belvin’s favorite and least favorite character from your works?

I think I have several favorites, and they’re not the hero and heroines of my projects. These are subsidiary character who brings comic relief that offsets the drama. So, of Love’s Improbable Possibility (L.I.P.), my favorites are Azmir’s close friends, Mark Richardson and Eric Gerrity, and his attorney Edward Chesney. They are hilarious characterizations, if I may say so myself. They’re comedic, but quirky, which I find amusing.

I would have to think…

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Love Belvin Talks: A Blog Stop with the author of Love Delayed.

I sat down to chat with Tia Kelly over at her blog this week. That darn Tia pulled a me on me! She was able to squeeze out personal facts that I tend to keep to myself. It was a blast!

Check it out and see what Tia’s been cooking up herself while you’re there!


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What happens when Zoey Barrett, an ingenuous Princeton scholar, meets NBA All-star rocker-boy, Stenton Rogers? Zoey has her life all planned out. She’s working hard at her degree and to help her family stay afloat financially.

Stenton’s at the top of his game on the court, but off, his life is out of bounds. That is until he happens upon Zoey, who represents something that he’s never had—family. Her world is spun completely out of control when they intersect. Could the lengths he decides to go destroy the future Stenton desperately desires to have with Zoey?Find out in Love Delayed.

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