Plot-driven versus Character-driven

A random private thought I recorded a couple of weeks ago…

Recently had a conversation with my Author Bae, who pointed out the difference between plot-driven stories versus character-driven stories. It got me to thinking: I’ve written character-driven stories. My attraction/reason to take on stories is not about a particular event in the tale. My keen interest is the character, his/her flaws, and how those deficiencies limit them in life—more specifically, how it impacts their ability to flourish in a romantic relationship.

I believe the reason so many say, after reading my stories, they feel like they’ve just been on an emotional roller coaster is because I grasp the storyline from the core of the characters and put that against various life events. My focus is on exposing the flaws of the characters then redeeming them as best I can. This is why your feelings about them vary throughout their journey. One minute you like them and a few scenes later you hate them (I just hope that by the end of the journey you like them again).

This is why there so many elements to my stories, so many angles. It’s not just a monotone read. My stories are vibrant, heavily-detailed, and sometimes points are repetitive to emphasize a particular trait of the character. Plots are plentiful in my works, but the characters—hero and heroine—their development is the focus. This works for me. People are what interest me, drive me, and thrill me. Mixing their characterizations with familiar life scenarios is what you enjoy. At least I do. ***Kanye shrug***



Love Belvin on Beta Readers up next…



2 thoughts on “Plot-driven versus Character-driven

  1. This is what I mean when I said you make even simple issues complex. It is because your driving force is the use them..put so much in them its like they themselves propel the plot with how they react to situations. It can be as simple as texting or eating a meal and I can see the development in them..and then the way how their thoughts comee to life..its so weird, yet refreshing. I love that.

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