Love Belvin: Love Delivered (Waiting to Breathe Series Book 2)

Another in depth review by Lily O. Thanks!

It's Lily O.

Love Delivered

Love Belvin, MKT Publishing, 2014

Several weeks ago, I reviewed Love Belvin’s Love Delayed. While I thoroughly enjoyed the overall story, the abrupt ending infuriated me. In my recommendation, I was unsure of whether or not I would read Love Delivered. I guess I am a masochist because I marked the release date on my calendar and purchased it immediately when I heard of its early release.


Seven years ago Princeton Student Elizabeth “Zoey” Barrett met, befriended, fell in love and had a child with NBA superstar Stenton Rodgers. Their world-wind romance ended as quickly as it began leaving them both waiting to breathe. Despite their strong feelings towards each other, Zoey and Stenton successfully co-parent their son, Jordan.

Their success as co-parents does not translate into success with their romantic relationship. Girlfriends, Fiancés, anger and resentment have kept Zoey and Stenton apart. Will they ever breathe again?

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