Happy 2nd Anniversary to “Love UnExpected”!

🎊 Happy 2nd anniversary to Love UnExpected, the second installment of the L.I.P. series. 🎊

LUe’s release was heavily anticipated by me. I knew it was be a turning point of readers’ perception of my writing style, more specifically, the genre I’d taken on. Love Lost gave the impression that I was taking on the urban genre when my team and I knew I wasn’t.

I had to wait patiently to have this installment released to change that opinion. In this book, we really appreciate the evolution of Rayna Brimm and submerge in the romance of the story. In the very opening, we see Rayna’s hard resolve regarding Azmir softening. She questioned his presence in her world and even committed to opening up to him more while they were in Santa Barbara.



We also experienced several great losses in LUe. A common question I get is, “Why did Michelle have to die?”. And my answer is always, “Because if she hadn’t Azmir stood no chance at gaining Rayna’s ultimate trust. Even bigger than a simple romantic relationship with a man, that unfortunate event was the catalyst to Rayna’s needed change.” Rayna had to let go of her inability to trust and to have people love her.

We saw the bad and the ugly in Rayna. Major changes happened in her life, including the change In her address. That was a lot for her (and me). Her world was turned upside down and just as soon as she thought she had a grip on things, entered Dawn Taylor. ***cues horror jingle***

So many messages of hope, trust, betrayal, healing, and redemption between the four titles, but in LUe we see Rayna get a taste of love that she didn’t expect.

If you haven’t checked out the series, or stopped at the first installment, Love Unexpected is available here!


Excerpt from Next Project…

Thanks to #Bae I’ve been pressured to share a few lines from the current W.I.P. (work in progress). Here’s an unedited piece of it…


~“Come again, please,” he murmured with his chin to the floor, his eyes keenly stapled to my mouth.

Fighting for aplomb, I cleared my throat nervously and repeated, “That’ll be $5,522, sir?” My brows hiked, confused by his request.

For seconds long, no one moved, not even his entourage. Then Ezra brought his thumb up to his mouth and edged the seam of his bottom lip, contemplatively.

“Very well,” he uttered before handing me his American Express.

It felt like the span of an entire shift, ringing him up, that’s how heavy and intense his presence was. I had to continue and the only motivation keeping me moving was I knew the quicker I did, the faster he’d be gone.

I bagged the five boxes as neatly as my trembling fingers would allow and handed them over to the two men, ready to receive them. I couldn’t look at Ezra. Like an idiot, I smiled at his two associates and bade them a good night.

“Thanks for your assistance this evening, Alexis. Perhaps after this encounter you should learn the possibility of the customer being right,” Ezra warned before turning to leave the counter.

I remained fastened in place, unable to greet a nearby customer when I suddenly felt the heaviness of my bladder. Shit! I had to pee.

“Damn, was he intense or what?” I heard over my shoulder. I knew it was Anushka without turning to confirm it.

“Thanks a lot for making yourself ghost while I dealt with that impossible ass.”

“Ass? I can’t tell because of his coat,” she muttered ruminatively as we faced the leaving trio.

“Whatever, Annie. You’re no ride or die.”

“I am,” I heard the pout in her words. “He just scared the shit out of me is all. Looks like you had it all under control, though.”

I leaped to face her. “And how would your punk ass know when you were hiding in the stalls?”

Anushka recoiled. “Lexi! You know we’re dawgs.”

“Fuck you, Annie.” I did a reverse nod and began to walk off. “There’s a customer over in shoes. I gotta take a damn leak.”~

Coming this fall…