What Are They Saying About ICwE?

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*Sigh* I don’t even know where to begin. This woman creates MAGIC each time she takes a pen to paper. I truly had no idea what to expect with Ezra’s story but she has exceeded any expectation I could have even imagined. As with all of her stories, I laughed, I cried, I yelled, I blushed and of course I had to take a few breaks in between to gather myself. This story evoked emotions and thoughts buried deep in my subconscious.

EZRA IS EVERYTHING. His demeanor, his swag, the way he articulates, that PERSONALITY can be felt way beyond the pages of the book. We got to see him not only as a man of the cloth but also as simply a man who sins just like the rest of us but doesn’t stray far from the path that he is destined for. Lex was a piece of work, but could we blame her with all that she was dealt? I saw so many of my own insecurities and “issues” in her and it forced me to take a step back and take a harder look at myself.

One of the things that sets Love apart from the rest is her ability to give the characters so many different facets, allowing the reader to actually get to know the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed starting this journey with Ezra and Lex and I am ecstatic about what else Love has in store for us throughout this series.

~ Amazon Reviewer

I have been both excited and afraid since learning of this new release. I didn’t quite understand how it would be possible to piece together or present a story about a man of the cloth from Author Love Belvin whose storytelling is so raw, emotional, and intimate…and readers not feel a certain way about what we may or may not perceive a man of God should act or be…but Love did it, she made this story simply beautiful and honest…I got to see Ezra the pastor, the counselor, confidant, husband, a man, who was called by God, who was covered….Alexis the woman with insecurities, the survivor, the woman who would be Ezra’s…I love a man who can command AUTHORITY, and a woman who can be submissive, but yet show strength…you will not be disappointed, can’t wait to see what in store for this couple…

~ Amazon Reviewer

In Covenant with Ezra

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23 thoughts on “What Are They Saying About ICwE?

  1. I am in awe of your talent. This book is amazing…I am just speechless. I will be re-reading this again at least 2 times. I know that this book is a love story but at the same time people are going to be ministered to in a very real way. I don’t know if that was your intention but it did so for me.

  2. You did it!!! Eloquently and tastefully delivered in such a way that does not a mock or degrade while also reverencing the theme of the storyline.

  3. I just finished ICwE for the second time. You are a true artist! I really didn’t know what to expect, especially because this dealt with religion. But as Ezra told Alexis when she said that he was a preacher, he answered that he was a man! But every time he prayed, I could hear him, even when he prayed silently. This book really spoke to me.

  4. Omg when is the other book coming out, soon I hope and it should be better cause this book was orgasmic to begin with, please don’t take too long to write lol. Very good story.the build up, dag

  5. Wow is the only words that come to mind. I enjoyed this book as I have the other. You have a great talent. Can’t wait for the next book!!

  6. I cosign all the previous comments and I know this a bit premature but when will “In Love with Ezra” be released I need this…… I hope you don’t wait too late for Pt. 2 . Great Job!!!!!! not your typical repeat of a romance novel. Your words were visionary

  7. I forgot to mention I’m from New Jersey, Paterson to be exact . It wowed me that I’m reading a book with these references in. Is it just a coincidence or are you from the silk city?

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