Jackson Q. Hunter of “Love’s Inconvenient Truth” Visits My Practice!

I was in my office, leaning into the file cabinet in search of an old B.J. Williams photo. The first of his that caught my attention years ago.

That’s when I heard, “Setembro?” from behind me. I looked up to find a handsome chestnut figure, tall and sharply dressed, wearing a undecided grin. He stood in the doorframe, expectantly. “Are we setting the mood here?” He referred to the music flowing from the surround sound speakers.

I rolled my eyes at first, then couldn’t fight the silly grin that broke out on my face.

“Hey, Jax!” I greeted, fully turning to face him at the office door. He did a neck bow. “Yeah. It puts me in mind of one of my latest couples. I’ve been in a zone.” Then I jerked my neck back and asked, “What do you know about Setembro? It came out in like 1991.”

“No. That’s when most people caught on to it, from the Boys in the Hood soundtrack,” he corrected. “It was originally released on Quincy’s “Back on the Block” album in ’89, I think. He actually covered that single from Ivan Lins, a white guy. Dope track.” Jackson smiled.

I couldn’t help but follow suit. Impressive.

I waved him in.

“You got the bottom ones on,” he noted en route to me.

“The braces, yes,” I replied as I embraced his tall frame. “They’re infringing on my social life, but I’m making them work, I guess. Have a seat,” I offered, pointing toward the infamous couch.

“I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.” He pulled out his jacket as he sat back. “They seem to be fashionably acceptable now, but a faux pas when I wore them in high school.”

“You wore braces, Jackson?” I gasped.

“Two years. Hated them every day of my life, but the girls didn’t discriminate.” He winked.

I laughed at his passive yet mature wit. It suited him. Jackson wasn’t putting on airs with his old soul. He truly has a seasoned persona. I honestly get it.

“You know, you are a captivating man. I mean…I, of course, knew you were to a large degree, but interfacing with you in just these few seconds, I get it. I see how you can gain the attention of a woman your age or older. It doesn’t hurt that you smell friggin’ incredible.” I gushed. “You have that ability with women to deliquesce.” I pronounced with a curvy tongue, using a phrase I learned recently from Pastor Carmichael.

The biggest smile cracked on Jackson’s face, those brows met and he tilted his head. “Are you flirting with me, Love?”

My eyes bulged. “No! No! I’m just being verbal about this experience for those who will be reading it. We are recording, by the way. They’ve only heard of you from Elle. I’m sure it’ll be interesting for them to see you through new eyes.”

He chuckled, adjusting himself again. “I can dig it. Just want no trouble from my lady.”

“Oh, not at all,” I assured, raising my palms in the air. “Funny thing: after my best friend read Love’s Inconvenient Truth, she said she could now look favorably at the prospect of starting over with a younger man, if her life took such a turn. She, like me, prefers older men. So, I felt kind of proud of myself.” I brushed my shoulder.

“That’s because you both ran into the right ‘younger’ man. No worries; it happens,” Jackson offered haughtily. “Just ask Elle. She kept running from me, and now she’s in my bed every night, on both sides.”

I laughed so hard at that pompous and brash bit of information.

“That was a good one!” I pointed my index finger at him while I continued hooting. “Speaking of which, where is Elle?”

“She’s in Cali with some of Erika’s people, planning a baby shower,” he answered.

“Oh, wow! Those two are really close, huhn?”

Jackson shrugged. “Elle has taken a liking to her. She’ll be back home tonight—at least she better be. She’s been out there for a few days.”

“Okay, cool.” I clapped my hands and sat up straight in my seat. “Let’s get started. I have someone right behind you to chat with. Ready?”

Jackson nodded.


Jackson, thanks for sitting down with me. I know your schedule is hectic, so I’ll be judicious with my questions. My most popular critique of this project is that folks wanted to hear from you. I explained that, although you’re by far the most mature 28 year old man I’ve encountered, it was hard for a woman of my age (the same as Elle) to resonate with a man of yours. I didn’t want to compromise your voice. They didn’t buy it. They’d prefer hearing from you. So this means a lot to my little reputation.

So let’s get started… Jackson, when you met Elle you said you saw a certain pain/darkness in her eyes that drew you to her. Was that darkness louder than her appealing features?

Edited In All Black

Jackson: Definitely. I mean obviously Elle is amazingly appealing, but she had this certain darkness that screamed for someone to shine some light in it. Of course I had to oblige.

Love: After finding out the woman in your hotel suite was the one on the application (the one you were preparing to hire), when did you have a change of heart about giving her the job? What made that decision for you?

Jackson:  It wasn’t  a change of heart. The woman on the application already had the position; she was more than qualified. It was figuring out if the woman I’d been in bed with  and the woman on the application could co-exist. Was she here for the opportunity with myself AND the job? As opposed to myself OR the job?  I gotta protect my neck and the company, you know?

Love: Something I’ve been curious about because of the way you two came together—or more like collided. Were you celibate before sleeping with Elle in your hotel suite that night?

Jackson: Celibate? HA!

Bare Chest

Love: When did you know you wanted to sleep with Elle again after hiring her? You seemed so adamant about keeping a professional relationship.

Jackson: I never wanted to stop, but the old adage, “Never mix business with pleasure” has lasted throughout history because it holds true. Many dynasties, kingdoms, companies, and businesses have fallen from mixing the two. Elle is irresistible to me. I had to have her…my addiction, my vice.  Still is. She’s a  calculated risk I’m willing to take.

Love: Elle’s an extremely sexually advanced woman. Did that, in combination with her age, intimidate or concern you?

Jackson: Concern? No. Intimidate? Naw. I  felt it was more of a challenge to take on a person to learn from.  I take full confidence in my sexual skills, in my ability to satisfy. And with Elle,  I was able to explore more of myself and take what she’s given to me and add it to my arsenal. I’m able to reciprocate with Elle. I also hope she’s learned as much from me. I do know our sexual chemistry is unprecedented.

Love: You proposed going without condoms with Elle. You say you’ve never done this. Why with Elle?

Jackson: I needed to feel every ounce of Elle, and well…condoms get in the way of full on intimacy. How can we reach euphoria with a barrier between us? Besides have you had raw sex? There’s nothing better. I suggest you try it one time.

Love: I’m sure that question was rhetorical, so we’ll move on. {We both laughed} You helped reshape Elle’s sexuality as a woman i.e., explaining her stretch marks and C-section scar, having her look at herself in the mirror as you made love, having her dance for you on a pole when she couldn’t dance, etc.

How much of that was Jackson, the guy who tried to aid everyone’s problems, or Jackson, the man exploring the woman he was falling in love with?

Jackson: A mixture of both. Insecurities can bring on depression if you’re not careful. I wanted Elle to feel comfortable with her body as every scar (“deformity”) tells a story. It gives  a person character . I haven’t seen too many things sexier than a person who is comfortable in their skin, who owns their flaws. That part was Jax aiding everyone’s problems.On the Edge

The other side was pure seduction. Could I get Elle to see herself as I saw her?  To feel as  sexy as I feel she is?  I knew I could have every inch of Elle. She would fall into me…no hold backs, no reservations. She would lose all inhibitions then I could take her to extraordinary places. How can you resist a person who owns their sexy? Try it. I dare you.

Love: I’m sure that challenge was rhetorical, too.

Jackson: Uhhhh… No.

Love: Anyways! {laughter} Next question… Was there ever a moment you thought it would be best to leave Elle alone once you learned about her past?

Did you ever feel that maybe you were in over your head with pursuing this haunted woman?

In ConversationJackson: To me Elle beat herself up more than she should have. Her family’s tragedy was not her fault, as accidents do happen. Perhaps the sadness may have been something she couldn’t shake, but blaming herself as the cause? No. We’re humans. Mistakes happen. When they do, we learn from and accept them and move on. Again, Elle  had that darkness that screamed for someone to shine their light on it.

Love: Why did you wait so long to reveal your demons about Miracle after Elle shared hers?

Jackson: Perhaps the same reason as Elle. Vulnerability is a monster. You’re giving someone ammo to use against you if things go awry. Flip side to that is you’re challenging a person to accept/love your entire being, insecurities included.

Love: Do you really not want kids like…ever? Or was that just something you said because you thought it would appeal to Elle?

Jackson: If I have kids cool… If not cool…

Bonus Question: There’s so much we haven’t covered and it’s because I know how private you are, and I don’t want to compromise our relationship, BUT even as your therapist, I can’t avoid ‘the’ topic. The third hole topic.

Don’t pinch the bridge of your nose, Jackson! I want to discuss it because folks are going to feel I’ve been remiss.  I promise to be tactful!

Jackson: Okay. Shoot.

Love: Before Elle, had you done (anal) a lot?

Would that had been something you would’ve eventually ventured to with Elle, or something you did to challenge her sexually aggressive nature?

Jackson: I had done it a time or two with other women. But I told you, I needed ALL of Elle.

Love: Finally, is that something you two continue to do. Sorry!

Jackson: Every now and then I have to show her who’s BAWSE. Nah… We continue to enjoy ourselves without limits, Love.


“Well, thanks so much, Jax, for this!” I sighed as I stood from my seat.

Jackson rose as well and greeted me with open arms. “It wasn’t too bad.”

“See! I told ya. Now you can go back and tell Elle I was good to you. She was concerned about you opening up. She said you promised to work on it, and here you are.” I smiled, contented by his willingness.

“Don’t be so impressed; I have my motives, and she should be landing in a few hours.” He winked.

I laughed at that. Too cute…

“Hey!” I called out. “You think I look okay?” I asked as I fingered my curls and swiped the top rack of my braces with my tongue, hoping to catch any debris.

Jackson’s brows met. “You look great.” Then one peaked. “Why?”

I twisted my skirt aright. “My next interview is with a model. I want to make a good impression,” I explained.

“Who?” Jackson shrieked. “B.J.?” He sported an incredulous expression.

My head flew up. “Yeah. How’d you know?”

“Because I saw him with his entourage, waiting while on the phone on my way in.” Jackson cracked his famous infectious smile. “Love, calm down. He’s younger than you.”

With Subbordinates

My shoulders dropped, and I whined, “Really?”

“Really.” Jackson gave an affirmative nod. “Besides, what would your bawse say about you getting fly for an interviewee?”

My eyes grew and mouth dropped as Jackson left out of my office chuckling heartily.


My interview with B.J. Williams is up next…

14 thoughts on “Jackson Q. Hunter of “Love’s Inconvenient Truth” Visits My Practice!

  1. I enjoyed this love. Now we know an you know you can embody and represent Jackson. After Ezra I’m looking for a full follow up. You can do all things through Christ. I can tell Jackson is an important character to you so give him his chance. I love your work.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Jackson. Love you are truly a Blessed Gifted author, glad to have discovered your works! Your stories are entertaining, therapeutic, and healing! Anxiously awaiting sequels to L.I.T Elle and Jackson ,as well as, the Covenant series with Ezra and Alexis!

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