My B.J. Williams Interview!

Love: Heeeeeeey, B.J.! (how my BBF calls my office in the middle of the day when she knows I’m knee-deep into writing)

B.J.: Hello ladies (& gentlemen)!

Love: That Jackson interview was awesome! Thanks for taking the time to read the material so you were able to channel him! We really appreciate it.

Now, please tell us what does the B and J represent in your name?

B.J.: Bee & Jay.

{We laugh}

Love: Lort, B.J.! Anywho… Where are you from?

B.J: The City Of Sin.

Love: Vegas! I think it’s weird learning someone is from Vegas. It’s like the city folks only tour to do their dirt and return home to forget the sinful things they’ve done.

So, I’ve heard, not only are you an educator, you’re also a former football player. Tell us abBJ Playing Footballout your tenure in football.

B.J.: I started playing when I was seven, and earned the opportunity to play a little in college. GO COUGS!!! Then I earned the opportunity to play a little…very little— {he laughs}—pro ball.

Love: One of my PLB admins, Jemeka, noted in one of your interviews your value of education. More to that, I can sense your substance as an individual who believes in multiple streams of income. In other words, you have a backup plan for your backup plan. If this is true, where does that insight come from?

How much have your parents contributed to your views?

B.J.: Pops has been at his career over 30 yrs. He’s never really been out of work, my mom had multiple jobs, incomes. I guess I got both of their work ethics /habits.

Love: I know you teach, part-time. But at one time, after football, you taught English fulltime?

B.J.: I taught algebra my first time. I hope those kids are alright.  

{We laugh}

Love:  Really? Was that a passion or just a career you chose?

I fell into teaching by way of coaching. I didn’t go to school to study education, but I fell in love with it the very first day, so I had to take the steps to get my credentials  since I’d already had my degree.

Love: Do you read for leisure?

B.J.: Oddly enough, I hate reading books. {He laughs} I can read articles, comics, interviews, essays, but novels I cant stand! They make me sleepy!  

{We laugh}

Love:  But what genre, if you had to choose?

B.J.: If I had to pick a genre, though, it would be non-fiction.

FullSizeRender (1)Love: I’ve heard you say modeling is a means to an end, and your end is acting. Would you prefer dramatic roles or comedic ones?

B.J.: I prefer whichever wants to pay me.

Love: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date, personally and professionally?

B.J.: That’s a good question. I dont know, to be honest. I grew up in a household where “that’s what you’re supposed to do” was the mantra. Like what one may perceive is an accomplishment,  my house would expect it to happen and say, “Great job! What’s next?” You’d have to ask my mom. She’s the bragger. I’d just agree with whatever she said.

Love: You know I write adult romance. It’s difficult to stray from my innate nature of asking probing questions when getting to know men and women. Though you’re down to earth, B.J., I’ll still keep it clean, but have to probe a little.

What would your present-day self (age) advise your 19 year old self about love and relationships?

B.J.: Heartbreak is what makes being in love the greatest feeling ever. Love feels amazing because heartbreak hurts sooooo much. You can’t have one without the other. Embrace it. Learn from it. Take those lessons into your next relationship, whenever it may find you. Until it does, enjoy ya damnself.

Love: In this current social climate, there seems to be this ideology of ‘if you’re a woman 27 years old or older and not married, you’ve missed some imaginary mark of success’. What advice would you give women who are established (educated and/or working independently and are stable), single, and want a man to settle down with?

B.J.: I’ve never heard of love having a time limit. Relax.

Love: I’m not sure if you’re in a relationship and don’t care to ask (I don’t talk about my dating life and notice you don’t either, so I cannot pry). Tell me neutrally, have you ever had any rules on dating? i.e. No full meal on the first date. If she’s dated my boy, I won’t date her. If she’s younger/older than x I won’t date her. She must be of the x religious beliefs.

B.J.: Of course I would never date any ex-girlfriends of anybody in my circle. Age wise: I tend to stay in my age bracket or older. All in all, as long as she’s no dummy and willing to learn as well as teach—as I have so much more to learn—we can work our way around most anything else.

Love: Define a woman of substance in B.J.’s terms.

B.J.: I’ll summarize by saying a woman who has her standards/convictions,  but is still open enough to explore/accept mine if they differ.

Love: What’s next for B.J.? Where are you ‘goaling’ to be in the next five years?

B.J.: I’ll be on your t.v./theater screen and in your “chirren’s” classroom.

Love: Last question. Don’t wipe the sweat from your forehead! I’ve been good.

Don’t think long. Look at me and tell me something you’ve never shared publicly before.

B.J.: You are asking too many questions!

{he winks}

{I roll my eyes}

Love: If you only knew how many times I’ve been told that. Anyways… Now that I publicize my art form (writing), I see the importance of supporting others. Be specific… How can we support you? Where can we find you?

B.J.: Well, my dream is to play Marvin Gaye in anyway shape or form. I’ve made a couple videos depicting him—(Gaye family, please don’t sue. Y’all not gon’ get much.). Anybody know anybody who wants to get in on a project? Know anybody doing a project? Wanna call the studios for ya boy? That’d be great.

B.J.-Marvin Gaye

Other than that, I’m on the social media‘s’:

IG: @BJ__Williams

FB: B.J. Williams

Twitter: @ BJ__Williams 

Love: Any questions for me? ***cue horror music***

B.J.: Do you have any plans on adapting your work for the big/small screen?

Love: We hope to. We were in talks of shooting a pilot last fall for studio pitching, but things fell through. By the way, it actually helps that we have visuals like you during the development of the material. So, when the opportunity arises, we can offer first rights of refusal to you, if you play nice with me, B.J.! Just kidding. You’ve been beyond gracious and generous. There are no Marvin Gaye projects on my workstation, but I do see big screen in my future.

B.J.: And solve  6^2÷2 (3)+4=???

Love: 6^2 = 36, 36/2=18, 18 X 3 = 54, 54 + 4 = 58

B.J.: Yes. You are correct.

Love: This was great! Thanks so much, B.J., and much success to you in all your endeavors!


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