My Pre-Publication Thoughts on ILwE


In Love with Ezra

I was finally able to upload these darn videos! Ughhhh! It’s only been 24 hours since I made it (had to split it into two). Hope you enjoy!

Click here for video one…

Here for video two…



11 thoughts on “My Pre-Publication Thoughts on ILwE

  1. First off, gad you long winded bad…thank goodness because I aint want no short ass book.
    Second..I don’t like Ezra..after my fifth read.. he okay *shrug* ( bring on the Ezra lovers..roll eyes)..but I’m cool with that..I don’t have to love em to read about him but I get him maybe that’s why I don’t care for him. I guess I’ll hate him if you said that.. anyways in all that doesn’t reflect my views of the book as a whole. That’s when you know you’re a good author. Its a connection either way..Ezra brings out a lot of emotions to me.
    Yay the secrets out!!!!..and I’m glad the cross up occurs in this book..well a glimpse of characters anyway. You and CCJ will be dope w that!
    Lastly I’m staying away from Amazon..I’m not doing what I did last time..I’ll just see it when I see it because they cray and messing w my account..

  2. Hello Love.
    You were always in my Amazon “recommended.” I remember I clicked on your name and the Love Redeemed series were all listed. At the time I was over “series” book; so I bypassed all of them. Then one sleepless night there you are again in my recommended. I said F it, lol. Checked the sequence of Love Redeemed and bought all Feb or March. I finished in March and that’s when LIT came out. LIT to date is my fav book of yours(forget them other folk😉). I went back and purchased every e-book u had out. In regards to Ezra; to me w/e goes on outside of the pulpit whether good or bad is to be expected of Ezra. To be as anointed as he is and to be used the way God is using him. I felt while reading this man has got to have a huge flaw/vice. At times I wouldn’t even call it that. So the BDSM didn’t surprise me. In my head I was like God hasn’t taken His anointing away; do you. Now Alexis; that heffa I don’t like. She reminds me of Rayna. “Like stop w/the complaining/whining already. We know your independent you got your own, but damn. Will you let a man be a man, AN ALPHA MAN at that.”
    I could go on abt Alexis, Elizabeth, and Rayna, but I won’t, lol). My girlfriends and I read a lot. For me I always say if an author can make u dislike/hate/make you want to slap/choke/shake/punch a character then to me that’s a job well done. If an author brings out a strong emotion in me I’m a fan automatic. OAN; I can’t do social media(no story just not me, lol). It’s great for business folk. I don’t have FB, IG, or Twitter. This is how I get my info or me asking a friend to find out abt you on FB, lol. I had to surface over Elle, lol. I’m team Elle all day, lol.

    • Awww, I like Lex! But I am cracking up over your assessment of her! And agreed. It’s fun when the characters get on your nerves. I don’t really understand social media either, but I’m trying…especially when it means I get to chat with other readers.

    • Kay! Why am I just seeing this? I guess I have to log onto my computer to catch the comments and not rely on my phone. I love your assessment. It’s one of my most cherished things about writing. These characters are all so greatly flawed, it gives us an opportunity to see how human people find love.

      Thanks for reaching out. I understand what a beast social media can be. I’m grateful to connect with you here! #Awesomeness

  3. Oh no….I was one of those people who gave a 4 star review because the first installment ended so abruptly!!! BUT WAIT. I have to say, I went back and changed it days later because I was still pissed! And I thought, “If I’m still this affected like freakin a week later, then the sh*t is good. And b*tch you betta recognize.” (<–that was me scolding myself) But, yeah….me. And you know what? I love getting pissed off at characters, and crying, and getting worked up over books, etc, etc. Otherwise, what’s the point of reading? This time it was really fun because I'm reading it in real time with other Good Reads people and we were all dying of happiness together.

    • Hey, Anika!

      Just as I said to Kay, these characters’ human imperfections is what makes for great stories. I love it and wouldn’t change them for unrealistic ‘perfect’ people. As far as the cliffhangers, as a reader I get how frustrating they can be. As a long-winded writer who gets yelled at by her publisher for the longevity of her books, I have to end somewhere. It’s hard to please everybody, but I do consider it all. Just be patient with me and allow me to tell my story. 😉

      Thanks so much for the support! I appreciate it!

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