Happy New Year!

May your 2016 be healthy, prosperous, and filled with love and wisdom!

I put together a video to describe my 2015 (#TeamLove has sent it out to the mailing list already). I’m looking forward to more soul-searching literary journeys in the upcoming year. And I hope to bring you along with me.

My Amazing 2015!

God’s very best to you and all your endeavors!



Another Great Gift Idea!

Give the gift of a L.I.P. journey! 

The L.I.P.’ers Club includes the following:

1. A.D. Jacobs t-shirt
2. A.D. Jacobs flashlight keychain
3. Love Belvin wine glass
4. Autographed paperback copies of all four books in the L.I.P. series.
5. A short update (story) on Azmir and Rayna mailed to your Kindle account.

Find more information here. If you’re interested in joining, please email Info@LoveBelvin.com.