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Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough


“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Chicki Brown


New York TV personality Greg Stafford has been hiding a secret for years. When this secret is exposed to the world, he has to fight to restore his image with the public, his family and his belief in himself.

Therapist Rhani Drake spends her days listening to people’s problems and helping them to overcome their challenges. When Greg Stafford shows up at her office, she isn’t ready for the problems he creates in her life.

He wants to repair his reputation. Is she about to throw her own reputation away to help him?

She would not allow him to take control of the session. Time to change direction. “Tell me about your family. Greg, do you have any siblings?”

His loud bark of laughter startled her. “Do I! My parents have six sons.”

“Wow, six boys. What number are you?”

“Three. The twins and the baby of the family are after me.”

“Tell me about growing up in a large family with all male siblings?”

“It was good. Personally, I think there were too many of us, but nothing can be done to change it now, right?”

“I’m afraid not. How did you get along with your brothers?”

“We got along fine. I mean, we had the regular fights most kids have. You know, the he took my bike kinda stuff until we got older, and it changed to the he took my girlfriend beatdowns of epic proportions.” He gave a humorless snort.

“Did your brothers ever take one of your girlfriends?”

“Vic and Jesse are older than me, so they were allowed more freedom than I had. They also got cars before I did.” His audible sigh put a question in her mind. “And girls always liked the dudes with their own ride.”

“So you’re saying yes then.”

“Yes, it happened a time or two, but you get over that stuff and move on.”

“Really? Rhani made a note of this point then proceeded to the next question. “And your relationship with your parents?”

He immediately jumped to their defense. “I have great parents. When we were kids, my mother had her hands full with six boys. My father had a growing medical practice to deal with. They kept us out of trouble by making sure we stayed busy with school and church activities.

Whatever issues I’ve got have nothing to do with them.”

“Did you enjoy those activities?”

“Yeah, for the most part, but I’ve always leaned more toward the fun stuff rather than the educational or religious.”

He scratched the whiskers on his chin, which for some reason looked incredibly soft rather than scratchy, and pondered the question for a moment. “Like…I would’ve rather spent the summer working at Six Flags than going to Space Camp, but my father said I didn’t need the money as much as I needed the education.”

“You went to Space Camp?” She tried hard not to sound impressed.

The way he nodded said he’d found the experience as stimulating as a warm glass of milk, although he was recalling this from the mind of a disgruntled tween and not a grown man. From what she knew, a week at the famous camp ran close to a thousand dollars, which probably exceeded all her father had spent on her all of the years she’d lived at home. Greg Stafford’s childhood sounded like a stark contrast to hers. Judging by what he’d told her thus far, he and his brothers had lived with comforts and luxuries she had only dreamed about.

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Chicki Brown

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#NewRelease by Delaney Diamond




by Delaney Diamond!

She snuck this one on us, but we must forgive her! #GoDD!

~They didn’t mean to fall in love…

Brenda Morrison has known Jay Santorini for years, but he’s off limits. He’s her friend’s ex-husband, and except for one slip-up, they’ve always had a platonic relationship. But now that she’s back in Atlanta, the smoldering attraction between them is much harder to resist.

Jay has always kept a hands-off approach to Brenda, and the time they spend together starts out innocently enough, or so he pretends. Because the truth is, Jay has feelings for her, and those feelings are anything but innocent.~

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Ey Wade’s “When Clouds Touch”

This book touched my heart and made me cry!

When Clouds Touch is the story of soul mates, Paisley and Malachi .

Destined to meet since before birth, their story wraps us somewhere between loving and caring, wanting the best for someone, while wanting to see them happy, even when it is risky and they must obey the demands of family.

Paisley, a woman of Japanese descent, living with Albinism and heart disease, is meek, yet makes no apologies for seeking what she yearns to have. Hiding behind the protective fold of her wagasa, she longs for freedom from her overprotective parents and the love of a man she’s known only in her dreams, even at the cost of her health.

Malachi, a man who has visions of meeting an elusive shadow, uses his sense of humor and sensitive side to build their relationship. He’s determined to win her love, even against the wishes of her parents.

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When Clouds Touch


Paisley clutched the material covering her heart as Malachi released a rush of air. One of his hands holding her elbow to steady her while the other put the Japanese umbrella back into her hands.

“You’d swear we’ve been through this before. Feels like deja vu.”

“I know. I felt it too geeze,” She laughed, head down as she lifted her backpack to her shoulder. “I thought my heart was going to stop.” And stopped, she thought it had, when she raised eyes and found herself looking up and into the face lowered to her height.

For years she’d imagined what she would do if she had a chance to meet him face to face and now that she had, all she could do was stand like a love-struck groupie and calmly try to get her heart rate to slow down.