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“In Love with Ezra” Teaser ***Unedited***

Ezra's Dining Room


“The guy whose homecoming we were celebrating. He found my mother drowning in her blood after she slit her throat. She’d turned the gas on the stove on with the windows closed.” I found myself blinking successively. This was totally unexpected. “He saved her by finding her just in time, calling for help, and hauling her crazy ass out of there.” Alexis snorted. “She was almost two hundred pounds and he was probably sixty pounds lighter, but Snoopie carried her down the stairs and waited for the ambulance and fire trucks. I was sleep in my bedroom and could have died. Screaming woke me. I ran out of the house and found out what was going on when he was holding her in his arms. I saw the fear and…horror in his eyes as he shouted for her to hold on. He was only fifteen.” She sat up and took a deep breath. After shrugging Alexis informed, “She died two days later from a stroke. Weird for her young age, but that took her out of here.”

She reached for the bottle and poured more.

“I am sorry to hear that, Alexis.”

There was a pause.

“Oh?” she mocked. “No kitten?”

I found myself angling my head, trying to gauge where she was going.

“I’m not perfect, Ezra,” she enunciated perfectly, coquette engirding each syllable. “I make mistakes. I don’t fit into your world, but you knew this when you asked for me.” She raised her left hand in the air, wiggling her fingers, including the one holding diamond wedding rings.

The radiant cut in the engagement solitaire sparkled with blinding brilliance. Each time I observed them I was reminded of Alexis’ humility. The three point five karat diamond solitaire didn’t faze her in the least; neither did the additional two karat emerald cut wedding band. She’d never asked about the amount of karats or the expense. She simply accepted them and wore them with compliance.

I caught the slant of intoxication in hers eyes. My beloved applied liquid courage to confront me tonight.

“Come again,” I urged, watching her gulp down a hefty amount of her fresh wine.~

In Love with Ezra, coming soon…